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The Probate Bar Association of Ireland which was launched in July 2019, is primarily an association of Senior and Junior Counsel who are members of the Bar of Ireland. As of October 2022, solicitors and other professionals with an interest or expertise in probate/succession law are also welcome to join the association as affiliate members.

We specialise and practice in Probate, Succession/Administrator of Estates Law and Trust Law, and have extensive litigation experience in these areas, advising and supporting solicitors acting on behalf of executors/administrators, beneficiaries and any other interested parties.


We believe that communication between families is key to avoiding and/or resolving family disputes. We aim to encourage and promote awareness about communication and proper estates/succession planning. 


The Association was formed to provide a forum for our members to contribute through a collective voice to the development of the law in this area. We aim to share our collective experiences through the forum of the Association. Through membership of the association, our members stay up to date and in touch with changes and developments in this highly specialised area.


Probate Bar Panel Discussion: Time Limits in Section 117 cases

This is a Panel Discussion on the Time Limit in Cases pursuant to Section 117 of the Succession Act 1965
Learning Outcome: A thorough examination of the time limit, rationale for it, whether extensions possible, and its constitutionality.

Probate Bar Panel Discussion: Time Limits in Section 117 cases
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